Lest We Forget 11/11/11

Today Is the day that we drop everything for two minutes. It doesn’t matter where we are, it doesn’t matter what we’re doing and it doesn’t matter who we are with. What does matter is that we all pay our respects to the war dead for just two minutes.

When I was at junior school our teachers made sure we stayed silent and still in our classrooms, at senior school a bell rang out to signal the start of it and at the end another bell was sounded.

I don’t really remember what college did but it must have done something.

Today, however, I found myself observing those two minutes silence outside of home or a learning establishment for the first time.

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty desperate for the toilet, so I headed towards West Quay intent on reaching their facilities.

I stepped through the automatic doors and glanced quickly around while my iPod was playing into my ears, the grill things had been pulled down at Waterstone’s, nobody was making coffee at Costa nor was there anybody bustling about in Krispy Kreme, all the seats were full of people giving me evils and everybody was standing still and not moving.

It took me all of give seconds to realise what was going on. Feeling foolish I quickly turned my music off and slowed briskly to a halt.

I’ve never seen that before, a whole shopping centre coming to a stand still. In a place that is usually so full of noise it was weird to hear nothing.


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