Oh No, It’s Deadline Time Again

I am stressing out. It doesn’t ever seem to matter how much of an early start I get on my work it never seems to get finished until very close to the deadline. This Wednesday I have two things to hand in at the same time and the Friday right after something else is due.

Funnily enough it’s the thing due in on Friday that is stressing me out. I need a tutorial for it, but the only times available are tomorrow, one of the few days that I won’t actually be in. I want to make sure I’m going along the right lines because my tutor has apparently been telling a lot of people that they have got it wrong, which isn’t very reassuring when there’s about a week to go.

It’s a 1500 word ethical feature, which basically means a 1500 opinion piece on something that either ought to be done or ought not to be done and it’s driving me crazy, especially since I have no idea what my ethical position is.

The other two things due in next week are related to my final major project, the most troublesome of which is a 2000 word contextual essay on why and where my magazine will fit in the market. In it I’m just spouting some nonsense about fandom and consumerism…and the Thomas and Friends magazine trying to act like I know what I’m talking about.

The other thing is a 500 word pitch. And that’s pretty self explanatory, just writing a pitch, in letter format, to  the head of a magazine publisher selling my magazine idea and hoping for the best.

So, if over the next week you notice a certain briefness in my posts or perhaps my posts in fact being about my work, consider this one your warning!


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