Florence + The Machine At Number One.

Ahhh Florence.

Florence, Florence, Florence. You’ve done it again. You’ve astounded me. Belting out your vocals has made me speechless, the diversity of your voice lends itself to an album that has blossomed into a beautiful piece of art. Ceremonials is certainly different from Lungs, almost at the other side of the spectrum and I have to say you’ve mastered both.

You remain the quirky side of mainstream for, there’s no doubt about it, you are approaching those frowned upon waters. everything you have produced has become untouchable. No one else could ever sing it like you, no one would ever be close. You deserve your second number one album.

It opens with an amazing track. Only If For A Night is an alamagamtion of everything that makes you so great. The passion is evident, your song writing skills have not deteriorated while you’ve been away and it has the very unique skill of making me feel sad happy and defiant at once. It is the perfect show case for what sets you apart from everyone else.

What he Water Gave Me completely blows my mind and if I were to criticise this release in any way it would be that there wasn’t enough tracks like that one.  Seven Devils starts of strongly and only gets stronger there’s not much I can say that will do it justice other than it’s one of my favourites.

And there’s Heartlines, absolutely brilliant. It starts so gently yet when the chorus approaches I have no choice but to sing along.

Once again I have the burning desire to see you live but I will make do for the moment with Ceremonials. Lady Gaga might be dominating the pop chart but you are memorable without reinventing yourself every other second, your voice has much more depth to it than Beyoncé and you have an originality that cannot be emulated.

Congratulations on your number one album, I hope to see it there for many weeks to come and I already look forward to your next release.



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