Fed-up Greek Prime Minister Faces Vote of Confidence.

So, right at this very moment in time Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou is undergoing a vote of confidence and to be fair what the hell did he expect after what has to be the stupidest and most patronising U-turn in recent politics.

The fact that after the leaders of Europe got together in Brussels, to come up with a plan to help the ancient country out of its ever-increasing debt crisis, Papandreou called a referendum over the help package strikes as massive ‘fuck you’ to his people.

When I first heard about it I didn’t quite understand what the hell was going on and my mum said that it probably came down to the fact that he was tired of making the wrong decision for his people so by calling the one-question-vote he was effectively laying the choice at the feet of his voters.

What an idiot. I mean everybody gets fed up every now and then but he’s the head of a nation, no, more than that he’s the leader of a failing nation in desperate need of strong leadership. And to be honest, I don’t think he’s the man for the job.

Greece has such a colourful history, full of twisted myth and beautiful architecture with a rich culture. It has a history of strong leaders and failing that strong role models for other’s to look up to. The story playing out in the frieze of the Temple of Zeus is the 12 Labours of Hercules with the moral basically being hard work gets you everywhere. Upon the Parthenon was once perched a pediment telling the story of Athena’s birth while on the opposite side was one of Athena and Poseidon competing for the patronage of Athens. While Poseidon called forth horses, which brought with it the possibility of war, Athena planted an olive branch which represented peace.

Naturally the latter was chosen but the whole point I bring this up is because she won on peace. There were no riots, there was no economic crisis, she’s the goddess of war but also the goddess of wisdom. And in her wisdom she extended the olive branch, which Papandreou doesn’t seem to be doing.

He comes across as ignorant whilst trying to blame his people for the reluctance of the bail-out, from what I’ve seen he stands for nothing that comes through as important from myth. In the Iliad, honour was important among warriors and honour is something he seems to be without.

As I’ve been writing this post he won the vote of confidence and I’m flabbergasted. I hope this might see a turn aorund in their economy, but I think a major reshuffle is in order.


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