These Are A Few of My Favourite Things

I have no idea what to blog about so I’m plucking something random out of thin air…and by thin air I mean I was complaining that I didn’t know what to blog about so my mum suggested an A-Z of my favourite things…so buckle up and prepare to be bored!

A is for amethyst. I am one of those people who believe in the power of crystals and amethyst has to be the most multi-functioning of them. If I have a toothache or a headache out comes the amethyst, if I need help writing something, you’ve got it, out comes the amethyst.

B is for books. I’ve decided that if I ever have a big enough home I want my own library. I know that sounds kind of dumb, but I’d just love to walk into a room and see bookshelf after bookshelf of an assortment of books….I bet it would smell nice too!

C is for Converse. I’m not the sort of person to usually get hung up too much on shoes but I’m a converse addict. The ones I have at the moment are all different colours and they really are the only thing I’d allow myself to spend loads of money on in one go.

D is for Doctor Who. More so of the David Tennant period. I did like Matt Smith for his first two series but the last one was increasingly disappointing and for the first time since I got hooked I can imagine watching it no longer. But The last series aside it really is amazing.

E is for English. My favourite subject in college and I miss it quite a lot…apart from when we were forced to act something out. 

F is for Final Fantasy. That’s right, I’ve been keeping something from you. I’m a bit of a game geek, and my favourite of all video games is Final Fantasy. No other game seems capable of capturing the magic that Square Enix cram into each an every instalment of the series.

G is for Gilmore Girls. It parallels my life in so many ways…okay, so it doesn’t but I do love the antics they get up to, except for today’s episode when Lorelai and Luke split up.

H is for Harry Potter. As if you’d expect anything else!

I is for iPod. My bus journeys to uni would be exceptionally boring without this little pocket miracle, at the moment I have Florence + the Machine’s new album Ceremonials on repeat.  

J is for J.K. Rowling. Again, I don’t think this one is much of a surprise, she is my hero.

K is for Killer Whales. They are such beautiful creatures, I really wish I could see one in real life.

L is for Lacuna Coil. The Italian band I’m off to see for the fourth time in a couple of weeks. Theirs was one of the first gigs I went to and I can’t wait to see them in support of their new album which comes out next year. I think they’re especially amazing since the lead singer is female and you don’t really hear about women in rock…Paramore don’t count because they’re pure rubbish.

M is for mythology. The best thing about history are the stories created to explain certain things. Greek mythology and their gods are amazing and so are the Roman pantheon (even if it is a complete rip off of loads of other cultures) yet the one that intrigues me most is Norse mythology so much so that I just had to buy The Saga of the Volsungs which is one of the greatest pieces of literature to come from those times…next buy Beowulf.

N is for Nightwish. The band for Finland that I have never seen but desperately want to. They have a new album coming out a month today (I think) so hopefully they’ll come to the UK pretty damn soon.

O is for oxygen…hey it keeps us alive!

P is for Pokemon. Yes, I know. But I dedicated many hours of my youth trying to catch them all and there’s something very addictive about trying to catch all those weird monsters in those tiny balls.

Q is for Queen. I like the royal family and in spite of the whole Diana debacle (who I absolutely admire) I think the Queen is a steady and strong figurehead for our country and I hope the royal family continues for much longer.

R is for reading. My favourite pastime. There’s no better hobby than being whisked away into a whole new world with crazy characters and heroic storylines.

S is for stationary. I love stationary! Pens and pencils and paper and anything else that falls the slightest bit into that category!

T is for Tim Burton. My favourite director. Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Edward Scissor Hands, Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sweeney Todd…I love each and every one of them. He has such an amazing vision that all of his films are, in my opinion, a masterpiece.

U is for university. I really have loved my time there and I’m pretty sad that this is my last year before I graduate (hopefully). I’ve met some awesome people there including a couple of really good friends and my boyfriend.

V is for vampires. They have such an amazing mythology that I can’t help be drawn into it. I really should get round to reading Dracula.

W is for Wired. Best magazine around. I saw an American issue in WH Smith a few weeks ago and it took all of my self-restraint not to buy it.

X is for Xbox. As I previously stated I’m a bit of a game geek. I used to prefer Sony products but either they’ve gone really down hill or Microsoft have really improved. I haven’t played it in a while though, and probably shouldn’t for a while longer considering the amount of work I have building up.

Y is for yum yums. These are my latest addiction. I discovered them in Greggs. Thankfully I’m a little low on money so I can’t really buy them anymore becuase I’m pretty sure that they’re very unhealthy.

Z is for Zumba. I haven’t done it or a while, but it’s the only exercise I’ve ever managed to keep up with for any amount of time. It’s fun and it’s addictive and it sort of feels like you’re exercising without really exercising.


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