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Almost forgot, but not quite.

Sorry guy, no proper post today. I’ve kind of been drawn into planning out a 2000 word essay and I very almost forgot about blogging today (oops).

The essay in question is about using fur. What are your thoughts on that and other forms of animal cruelty?

Tarja Turunen Versus Anette Olzon.

Cover of "Dark Passion Play"

Cover of Dark Passion Play

I hate to go clambering after this old a rickety bandwagon, but I feel that I must. Tarja and Anette, well these two people have one thing in common. They are both associated with Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish and both have caused a divide amongst fans. Continue reading

NME Cool List 2011…Who the Hell?

Every year NME do something called the Cool List. It’s compiled by the journalists and last year it was Laura Marling (totally my favourite singer/songwriter at the moment) who came top, this year however it’s some person called Azealia Banks.

…………Who the hell is she?

I mean she beat people like Jarvis Cocker (who is irredeemably cool in my eyes because of his cameo in Harry Potter), Noel Gallaghar, Dave Grohl, Laura Marling and Florence Welch.

What has she done that’s so cool?

Surely the coolest person in music right now would have surfaced on the radar at some point in the last year. although I guess this is good exposure for her and maybe that’s what they’re trying to achieve with the cool list.

And you never know, after topping the cool list Laura Marling won the BAFTA for best solo female artist, perhaps this Azealia Banks will be the next winner of it.

Which Superpower Would you Have?

Would you rather be able to read other people’s minds, or live forever?

Ah this is a very tough choice, but it all depends on the conditions I suppose.

As a journalist being able to read minds could be incredibly handy, but if my powers became wide-spread knowledge there would be some sort of inquiry about it and if that happened I’d been thrown flat-out on my arse with a shattered reputation and a constant mental narrative that would make me unemployable. Continue reading

Is Fiction Influencing Science?

This is an article I did last year for the Magazines and Markets unit of my second year. I finally managed to get this piece of work back from my lecturer yesterday and I was planning on having it in my port folio but then I noticed, underlined quite vigorously, that he said it ‘ is so much worse than what you are capable of.’ Continue reading

Taking Advantage of the Sick, they Should be Ashamed.

Oh dear. Religion is always tricky territory because you have no idea who you might offend and while I don’t dislike all religious people I do dislike the arrogance that seems to align itself with the church.

I’m sure all religious systems attempt to do their best by the people but sometimes I feel it goes a bit too far. It has been discovered that churches throughout Britain have been claiming that they can heal HIV using the power of god, as a result people stop taking their medication and so far six people have died.

One pastor claimed that they have a 100% success rate when it comes to healing HIV (which is basically a pastor standing over the infirm and spraying water in their face while shouting for the devil to abandon the victim’s body) and is adamant that persisting symptoms are merely a sign that the illness is leaving you.

The fact that some people can be so blinded to the harm that they might be causing is astounding. Now I don’t know much about the bible or christianity or religion as a whole but I thought it was an accepted fact that god doesn’t tip his hand, if he were to get involved with the goings on with the world it’s on the sly, so why would he provide powers on demand?

Sometimes I feel like the church is too certain of its supremacy and to claim that they can play god is a bit blasphemous. Their stubbornness is harmful, although I expect that these people involved would say otherwise.

It just annoys me that some people can be so casual about another’s health, I’d say they were naive if they weren’t so good at scamming people (again I stress that I speak only of those individuals and not everyone who follows a religion).


This Week has been a Kick in the Groin for the Media.

Considering what’s in the headlines and then considering I’m both a journalist and a massive fan of Harry Potter you don’t need a degree to figure out what I’m going to write about.

Yes that’s right, the Leveson Inquiry. Continue reading

Bringing Together a Magazine.

Ah, today is going to be a busy day. There are only a couple of weeks left until the next issue of Hype goes live and we still have a lot of copy to sub-edit and graphics to design. To be honest we’ve only just got our editorial and design teams together so we kind of have our work cut out for us.

I’m looking forward to it though.

Today I’m meeting up with the design team to brainstorm graphics and stuff, while designing isn’t my main strength I do enjoy using Indesign, it’s a lot of fun when it’s not frustrating. The person in charge of designing is pretty good though, so if I go awry I’m sure she’ll correct me and I’m sure she’ll think up some decent graphics.

Right after that I’m meeting up with the editor and together we’re flat-planning the issue. I’ve never really done this before, it sounds like it’ll be easy, deciding where to put stuff, but then I guess it might be hard to decide which order stuff belongs.

Anyway, I’d best be off, don’t want to be late for the meeting!

Everyone has the Right to Protest and no one has the Right to Rebel.

Everyone has the right to protest and no one has the right to rebel.

This was an angle I recently pursued for my article for ethics. This is a view where I must admit defeat. For when I was writing this I traversed a narrow path that dealt only with issues in Britain, after all compared to many other countries life is just peachy here. Continue reading

Explain the Difference Between Socialism, Communism and Anarchy.‏

If this prompt had popped into my email a few weeks ago I would have been thoroughly scratching my head and doing my best Neanderthal impression.

Now however, I’m less like a Neanderthal and more like a slightly bemused child not being able to comprehend how my nose managed to get from my face into some random person’s hands. Continue reading