Just a Little Catch Up.

I haven’t really got anything to say, so thought I might just update you on what is happening in general in my life. I’ve only been back at uni for three weeks but it feels like three months. It has been completely hectic and I swear that at some point there was an avalanche of work and I’m still fighting my way through it.

It’s all pretty enjoyable though. I have to say my favourite unit is ethics. I thought I would hate it but I absolutely love it. I think that’s down to the fact that the lecturer is so passionate about it, he knows it inside out and makes sure that we know as much as possible too. He comes up with these amazing examples like according to the law it is illegal to kill a person so does that mean, since you yourself are a person, it ought to be illegal to commit suicide? The general consensus was that it shouldn’t be illegal, that the person in question should be given help instead of thrown into prison.

But then he threw a spanner in the works and brought up the Catholic church, if we think suicide should be legal then that means we also think that the Catholic god is evil and as such that any Catholics who follow that god are evil also. 

He only says this to make sure that we are consistent in the way we think, that we follow something to the end no matter where it goes. 

I wanted to bring up the point that  don’t believe in the Catholic god therefore I cannot judge it evil but he’s so intelligent that it’s sort of intimidating, I wouldn’t have a chance of winning that argument because he knows his way through ethical issues like I know my way through the Harry Potter novels.

In ethics we get to speak out, he puts us in those situations and while we consider our decision I think we actually learn a little bit more about ourselves, especially when he pushes us right to the boundary.

I’m also really enjoying Reporting Politics, I can actually watch the news and understand what’s being spoken about and I’m apparently quite good at it, which must be a fluke. I’ve had to create another blog for it all about politics, at the very least I’ll be updating it weekly.

 My tickets for the London Studio Tours finally came through. As soon as I found out they would have either Dobby, Hedwig, Fawkes, a Mandrake, Fang and Nagini I knew I would get one with Nagini on the front….and it came true. At the beginning of the week I came home to find a House-elf an owl and snake in the post. It doesn’t matter though, I’m still unbelievably excited about it.

I’ve also managed to procure tickets to see Lacuna Coil next month (well my friend bought them) which I’m also looking forward to. They’re the band from Italy who have covered Depeche Mode’s Enjoy the Silence.

Although I have to say that the best thing happened today (before I went out and bought ten pumpkins, you’ll see why tomorrow/Monday) when my mum got home from her day out somewhere. She was carrying a sort of old broom and told me she bought me a gift. As a joke I replied: ‘what, a Firebolt?’ Lo and behold the handle on the broom said ‘Summer’s Firebolt 2011’

Now I just have to find somewhere to put it rather than leaving it perched atop a chair.


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