Campus is Closing Down.

Now this is very very very sad news. Campus is a quirky comedy series, set at the fictional campus of Kirke University spawned from the writers of Green Wing and provided Channel 4 with six weeks of gritty, smart and constant laugh-out-loud comedy.

Unfortunately the utterly bizarre Jonty de Wolfe, the completely self-absorbed Matt Beer and the rather timid Imogen Moffat (as well as a myriad of other colourful characters) did not manage to capture a large enough audience and as such a second series has been denied.

The first series centred around the university’s financial difficulties and the complex relationships developing between the characters.

The most disappointing thing about the cancellation of the series is that Beer and Moffat never got to develop their relationship. At the very end of the series finale (just before the totally amazing piss-take of Glee) Beer finally pulled his head out of his arse and noticed Moffat only to be rebuffed for is previously superior behaviour. Except the audience knows that Beer and Moffat have fallen for each other, but thanks to low ratings we’ll never see that relationship come into fruition.

There are quite  few other loose ends, such as what the hell happen to Patrick the owl? But aside from the loose ends, it’s the quirks I’ll miss, such as Jonty convincing his gullible employees that he can shrink them, Grace 1, Grace 2 and Grace 3 all working together and the Kirke University Netball Team (make sure you read the first letter of each word together)

It seriously was one of the best comedies to come along in a while (only Miranda can pip it to the post) and I’m going to miss the sharp wit and fallible characters that Kirke University hosts.


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