Morrissey Can Now Take on NME.

Don’t tell my mum I said this, but Morrissey is a bit of a prat. She’s like completely in love with him and tries to convince me (and herself) that he’s my dad. His music is averagely average, his attitude towards everything in life is particularly grating and he’s a Labour supporter!

I respect some of the messages he puts out through his music such as the album from The Smiths Meat is Murder, but he goes too far. For example I think he was partly behind the fact that Glastonbury this year offered strictly vegetarian food to its festival goers.

He comes across as very opinionated, which isn’t a bad thing, but being in the public eye he should probably make sure he knows what the hell he’s talking about.

It has come up in the news today that he can now sue NME, a long-standing music magazine that today has only managed to retain 10% of the readership it had forty years ago, for an article published in 2007 that made him sound like a racist.

The fact that the publication’s circulation has dropped so much makes it pretty obvious that it’s struggling not to succumb to the pressure that the internet is applying to the whole magazine industry. It was once the flagship magazine for IPC Media (they publish the magazine) but nothing they do seems to make a difference to its circulation and there’s a lot of speculation that the publisher’s will either sell it to a rival or close it down for good.

Now, considering this, if Morrissey wins this battle I’m not hopeful for the future of NME. Not only would its reputation be in tatters but it would have cost IPC even more money.

I know for a fact that I haven’t read the article in question. Around the time it came out I had just finished school and was just starting to settle in at college and was more likely to be found reading rival magazine Kerrang! So there’s not much I can say personally about the way Morrissey came across, but from an article on Sky News it sounds like he was just rambling on without thinking about what he was saying.

Everyone knows that you have to be careful when in the presence of a journalist. Quite a few of us can be pretty sneaky (although I’m pretty sure that isn’t the case here) and quite a few of us (such as myself) consider an interview started once we enter the room not when the dictaphone is turned on for the first time and unless you specifically say it’s off the record every word that comes out of your mouth is fair play.

However Morrissey is saying that his words on the issue of immigration was ‘distorted’, I think if they were taken out of context he would have a stronger argument but if his words were distorted that could be partially down to the way he acted and spoke throughout the interview.

Of course I’m not saying that NME are entirely innocent in this incident, I’m just saying that it think Morrissey is an utter prat and that I want NME to prevail in the courtroom because it would be a shame to lose the magazine itself.

However, if there were any publicity surrounding it when it does finally get to court then that could significantly increase its circulation. I believe that what made NME great forty years ago was that it took risks and that the reason its popularity is decreasing now is that it doesn’t take risks anymore. Perhaps this is the boost the publication has been waiting for.


One response to “Morrissey Can Now Take on NME.

  • summum1967

    Sometimes journalist need to think about what they are writing. An obviously failing magazine took as risk and now its failed. They should have been more careful. I dont agree with everything he has to say but Morrissey stood up for what he beleived in in the 80’s and he’s stood by them ever since. I’m sure if he was really being outspoken and the magazine had quoted correctly he would have taken it on the chin as he has always done in the past. He is known for being controversial and actually not giving a damn about what people think of him so for him to make a stand like this lets me believe that his word were indeed distorted.
    Also his music is genius – how very dare you even suggest it isn’t

    The End

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