Shakespeare is the True Playwright.

Do you know who I respect and admire? I respect and admire the great authors of the past who gave us the great classics. Jane Austin, Geoffrey Chaucer, Edgar Allen Poe and Shakespeare. But with regards t the latter there is one thing I do not like and refuse to believe. A film about it is about to be premiered and I know for certain that it is one that I have no desire ever to see.

It’s called Anonymous and explores the possibility, that some absurd people state is fact, that Shakespeare didn’t write his plays and that he stole them from a bloke called Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford.

Rafe Spall, who plays Shakespeare, has told critics that the film is there to promote his plays, which makes me think he paid no attention to it during the filming. Anonymous takes the view that Shakespeare was nothing more than an uneducated thief.

To me that doesn’t sound like an advertisement for his plays, and why would they even need to raise awareness of them, they’re embedded in our very culture, so many films are based on his plays, so many plots and twists come from his mind.  

As far as I’m concerned there’s no proof to suggest that Shakespeare is a fraud and, being the stubborn, stubborn person I am, absolutely refuse to believe that he is.

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust have staged a sort of protest of the film attempting to ‘rewrite English culture and history’ by covering up Shakespeare’s name on nine different signs into Warwickshire which previously said ‘Welcome to Warwickshire Shakespeare’s County’, they have also covered up a memorial to him in his hometown of Stratford-Upon-Avon and 10 different pubs are also covering up their signs. They say that they’ve done this to show people the ‘impact of the film’s conspiracy theory.’

I might not be a massive fan of Romeo and Juliet or of The Taming of the Shrew, but I love Much Ado About Nothing and Midsummer Night’s Dream, but above all else I love the impact this one person has had on our culture.

It does feel like an attempt to rewrite our culture and to be completely honest, it sort of feel’s like Rafe Spall is being patronising towards those who want to see it. His care-free attitude towards it is another reason I will do my utmost to avoid this release.


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