Angry Birds at the Cinema.

If this is actually true I have no idea if I should be excited or dismayed, Angry Birds might be flying onto the big screen.

Is anyone else addicted to it? There’s something so extremely satisfying as you line up a shot and watch your birds cause utter destruction and mayhem on the tiny, tiny screen and there’s nothing more disappointing as you realise that a single pig, monkey or cage (depending on which version you’re playing) has survived your avian barrage.

Even when there’s a level that’s infuriating the hardest thing to do is tear yourself away from it. Completely at the mercy of those eternally angry birds you have to keep playing until you have all three stars on every single level and collected whatever needs collecting from each stage.

Even though I know the guys at Rovio have painstakingly planned each level to make them as addictive as possible, I can’t help but be drawn into the animated world that hosts the war between avian and swine and on occasion simians.

But sometime in the future we might all be able to enjoy them on a different platform, instead of the tiny, little screens that can be held in our hands they’ll be in front of us, larger than life waging war without the help of our fingers.

Of course the main question is; what the hell is it going to be about? Well, I guess we might finally find out why those birds are so damn angry, although I think that’s a little obvious from the little scenes that pop up in the game. You never know, there’s the chance Rovio will bring real life  situations to it and introduce their heroes and villains to bird and swine flu…. 

I think I’m looking forward to it, just as long as it doesn’t come out in 3D.


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