It’s… WireDoo Time?

Oh, I so wanted it to be called Hammer Time. Why, why, why couldn’t it be called Hammer Time? It just seems to make complete and utter sense. You know, it comes from his most famous song, plus it kind of suits a search engine, after all you can just hammer in your query and it’ll search for it. It would have been brilliant.

But alas MC Hammer, once a rapper but now an entrepreneur, has decide to call his search engine WireDoo. Hammer has said that he doesn’t intend for it to take on mainstream competition such as Google or Bing because ‘It’s not a competitive attempt to recreate search,’ he said at the Web 2.0 Summit.

Even though it has already been spoken about, the search engine is still under development and there are rumours that relationship information will be added as part of the search results. For example, if you search homes information about the neighbourhood will be supplied as well.

The thing that gets me though is that even MC Hammer has admitted that we don’t really need another search engine clogging up the internet. So, if the only new thing that WireDoo brings us is relationship information what’s the point? Do we really need a brand new engine just to give us something that seems pretty dubious anyway?

I’m not really sure of the ins and outs of the technology industry, but surely there could have been a way for him to pitch that idea to Google. Then it could have become a part of an already established company and he wouldn’t have the risk of failing. Although I guess that makes it more likely that his idea would be stolen and used without any credit to him.

I’m not too certain about this developing search engine…..I still think it should have been called Hammer Time.


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