Law Dislikes Law.

There has been a lot of furor lately about the phone hacking which has subsequently lead to The News Of The World closing down and quite a few journalists losing their jobs. Although, I think somehow, the Murdochs have managed to get away with it, so far it seems that Rupert Murdoch’s grip is as tight as it ever was around Britain’s media.

Naturally the government has jumped upon this bandwagon and promised many reforms in light of this situation, however not everyone agrees with them. It’s obvious to assume that journalists wouldn’t agree but what about celebrities, surely they’d be in favour of the government’s plans?

Well, actually there is a celebrity who is saying no to the Press Privacy Law. Jude Law doesn’t like this law.

As you might know, he has a new film coming out called Contagion and it was during an interview for it that the topic was brought up. He plays Alan Krumwiede, a journalist who blogs online about the contagion that is spreading.

I don’t know if it’s his experience playing the journalist or if it’s something he’s always accepted but Law appears to be quite tolerant of media intrusion into his life. Well, I say tolerant, but he’s learnt to protect himself from the pesky media.

Even though he was a victim of the recent phone hacking he is quite adamant that the privacy Law is not needed because he understands that as a celebrity, as somebody in the public eye ‘intrusion from the press is a reality’.

It’s not often you get someone who accepts this, usually you get people who ‘hate’ the media and slag it off, yet they often leak stuff just to get themselves into the trashy gossip magazines and tabloid papers.

However you can’t help but be sceptical of Law when, in an interview with Sky News, he says stuff like ‘I’m not necessarily happy with that but you have to accept it, otherwise you’re railing against something that perhaps isn’t going to shift.’

In a way he could almost be seen as sucking up to the media, his attitude to them is more positive than some other people’s so he might come across a more approachable, therefore he might get more coverage.

Law also brought up the point of freedom of speech saying he believes in it and also in ‘the right to investigative journalism used positively’.

Personally I think he has a point. We all have a right to freedom of speech and with the government about to meddle in these laws isn’t the likelihood of freedom of speech being diminishing all that higher?

And the whole thing with investigative journalism is true as well, I mean think back to MP’s expenses, that was down to a journalist doing their job fantastically, they asked the right question and got the right information.

Politicians need to steer clear of screwing with the media, so perhaps there should be something in place to stop Murdoch controlling so much of it in Britain and perhaps the media and politicians shouldn’t have such a cosy
relationship. But cutting into freedom of speech is only going to open a can of worms that nobody will be happy with.

Here’s hoping neither Conservatives nor Labour will meddle with this, it would just be plain dumb!


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