Westlife Are Splitting Up *cheers*

I can hardly contain my excitement. I know it’s mean to celebrate the fact that a band are splitting up, but with the amount of years I’ve had to put up with their generic, superficial and generally shitty music I feel I’m justified.

The boy band are from Ireland and are managed by none other than Louie Walsh (another person I can’t stand) and are responsible for the fantastically awful Flying Without Wings,  or at least I think they are.

They have covered so many songs that I have no idea what their original ones are called. I mean seriously, how the hell have they climbed the musical ladder so high when the majority of their success comes off of the back of other people’s songs.

They have no presence either, on the few godforsaken occasions that I’ve been forced to sit through their torturous appearances on things like the X-factor all they ever do is stand or sit in a line and occasionally lift her hands and do the whole overworked and overrated air grab thing.

They don’t have good voices, again I bring up the word generic, but when you hear the term ‘boy band’ you imagine a certain sort of sound and they have the voices that you would expect them to have. They have no imagination or passion and I just don’t understand how they’ve managed to captivate so many people.

I think it’s more style over substance. People care about the looks and not the music, which just plain sucks and brings about the main reason why I’m glad they’re going. As musicians they should care about music, and in my opinion being lazy and covering other people’s work says otherwise. They’re an established band, surely if they took it seriously, they could have made the effort to write more of their own songs or hire people to write them in their stead.

Anyway, they’re splitting up, yay, so that’s one less in-it-for-the-money pop band to have to deal with…god knows how many more are left.


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