‘Musicians’ These Days

There’s a lot to love about this year’s X-factor but there’s also a lot to hate about it too. I love the fact the Simon Cowell Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue are no longer a part of it and that they’ve been replaced by Gary Barlow, Kelly Rowland and Tulisa Contostavlos who fill the roles amazingly. I hate that Louie Walsh is still there, he really knows how to ruin an artist.

I love some of the contestants such as Janet Devlin who has such an amazing voice and looks a little bit like Evanna Lynch (the confusion is not helped by the fact that she’s from Northern Ireland), Rhythmix, although not my cup of tea, are pretty good also. They’re a girl band who were put together during the competition but with the chemistry between them and how tight they are vocally you would think they’ve been together for years.

However there are some contestants I cannot stand. Misha B admittedly has an amazing voice, but she does this sneer sort of  thing with her mouth which makes her look so arrogant while she’s singing and doesn’t do much for the reputation she already has for being a diva. I’ve heard that she believes she’s already won the competition and that she’s the only decent one there, apparently she’s also treated the stylists on the show quite badly, and we’re only two week’s into the live shows.

 But the one thing I’m definitely not keen on is the attitudes of the contestants who are knocked out. I’m not sure if this is true for the four who were kicked off the show in the first of the live finals, but it seems to be for the most recent casualty.

Nu Vibe (hate the name) were voted out yesterday after a particularly bad performance of With Or Without You, a couple of years ago there was Diana Vickers and she did a fantastic rendition of this song, in fact every time I hear someone singing it on the X-factor I always compare it to this performance and Nu Vibe were nowhere near as good.

They have no chemistry with each other, their vocals are flat and they’ve never stood out.

Except for today, in the media.

The band took it upon themselves to slag Gary Barlow off for a comment he made on Saturday night, saying they were more like ‘no vibe’. Most of the judges said something similar. There was just something missing from their performance and I have to say it was passion, they didn’t look like they wanted to be there and did nothing to be remembered by.

In an article on Digital Spy the band have been quoted as saying: “He would say things like the ‘No Vibe’ thing and then people picked it up and started tweeting about it. I think maybe Gary has got something against us.”

To which I reply, Gary Barlow is a member of the most successful boy band in the UK, not only that but he is a gifted songwriter and has penned quite a few of Take That’s hits. If he says there’s a problem with the band then there’s a problem with the band. He wasn’t the only one to see it, the whole nation did, hence you being placed in the bottom two.

And the public aren’t complete morons, they’re not going to throw about the ‘no vibe thing’ if they didn’t sense some grain of truth in it. They weren’t jumping on the bandwagon, they were helping to create it. And if you want to know what jumping on the bandwagon looks like then take a good long look at this post because that’s exactly what I’m doing. You were flat, passionless and it definitely felt more like No Vibe than Nu Vibe.

The thing that gets me most is that they weren’t slagging Gary Barlow off when he put them through in the auditions or during Boot Camp. They’re just coming across as fickle and a little bit like sore losers.


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