Primogeniture A Thing of the Past?

A couple of years ago Gordon Brown (also know as the man with the exceptionally wobbly jaw) put into motion a breakthrough that the Conservatives are carrying on with. As a rule I hate Labour, except that this is actually something I agree with and I’m pleased that our current government have picked it up again.

David Cameron has shown the rest of the Commonwealth countries his plans to change the law with regards to the monarchy. He wants to get rid of the primogeniture law that states male heirs automatically leapfrog older sisters to be next in line to the throne.

Basically it’s sort of first come first served, gender doesn’t matter. If William and Kate have a daughter she can become Queen even if she has a younger brother.

Unfortunately to be able to change this law Cameron needs the support of all 15 Commonwealth countries.

Personally I hope he manages it. This has to be one of the most outdated things about the monarchy (even though I do love royalty). Cameron himself has said that in a time we’re trying to stamp out sexism it would be a bad example to let the royal family function like that.

But if you think about it, Queens have always been good for the country (I’m not saying King’s haven’t been just that female rulers have done just as good a job as men). Henry VIII thought a woman could never rule, yet his own daughter Queen Elizabeth I managed to keep the Spanish Armada at bay. Queen Victoria over saw the Industrial Revolution in the 19 century and helped bring the sewage system to London and she remains Britain’s longest reigning monarch…not to mention she created the Torchwood Institute….oh wait, that was only in Doctor Who.

I think this would be a massive step forward in the whole sexism saga. It’s something that we all take for granted but to hear that the government is taking action to change it is comforting.

Anyway, this wasn’t actually supposed to go into the whole sexism thing. Usually I’m not one for change, set stubbornly in my ways already, but this one I will welcome if it is approved.


2 responses to “Primogeniture A Thing of the Past?

  • jane

    david cameron doing this proves his utter twatism. i am a woman but i still think it is wrong to do this. i firmly believe in tradition and there is no tradition older than this one. if i lived anywhere near downing street i would go and protest but unfortunately i dont so its just on the web that i can try to stop this.

    • Summer Grant

      I quite like the idea of tradition, but I think equality is more important and this is a major step forward, even the Queen wants to see it changed..even if she only said it subtly in the ever complex royal language. However I do hope that this doesn’t pave the way for the government changing more tradition about the royal family.

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