Galloping Gargoyles! What Have You Done Now Crabbe?

Jamie Waylett at Collectormania

Image via Wikipedia

This has to be the break down that the press have been waiting for, finally one of the child Harry Potter stars have derailed and are spiralling out of control. Except…it’s not Dan, it’s not Emma nor is it Rupert. It is in fact Jamie Waylett.

He plays Vincent Crabbe, one of Draco Malfoy’s dimwitted cronies. And judging by his actions he doesn’t appear to much better in real life. In fact, he was found carrying a petrol bomb around London which he was going to detonate.

He has been charged with violent disorder during the London riots. To me, that makes him nothing more than a thug. He might not have had a main part in the Harry Potter movies but I’m betting that he wouldn’t have needed to loot anything because of lack of money.

What is the point of even taking part if you know people are going to recognise you?

His character would have had his defining moment in the last Harry Potter film if it wasn’t for Waylett’s previous illegal doings. A couple of years ago he was caught cultivating cannabis and as such David Yates decided to drop him from Deathly Hallows Part 2. Instead the character of Gregory Goyle was thrust into the spotlight as he destroyed the Room of Requirement in the absence of his drug abusing friend.

With the charges against Waylett he’s looking at 14 years in prison and I say good riddance. Send him to prison where hopefully he’ll realise that he’s just as well-known for his crimes as his less than satisfactory appearances in the Harry Potter series.


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