I Like The Royal Family.

One thing that tends to annoy me quite a bit is that the royal family gets a lot of criticism. I wouldn’t mind it so much if most of the people I encounter with that view-point actually had all the facts and had therefore made an informed decision.

Many people think that the royal family are outdated, which I get to some extent, but I bet they weren’t complaining when we all got an extra bank holiday thanks to the Royal Wedding this year. No, it’s not this that annoys me, the thing that does annoy me is that so many people moan about them saying they do absolutely nothing.

Well, go and do your research. I think you’ll find that many of them hold down a job like any other person. Prince Harry has served in Afghanistan and is currently training to become a pilot. He’s also proved last month that he’s a dab hand at trading when he obliterated the record for the largest foreign currency trade.

And how about Prince William? He works as an RAF rescue helicopter pilot. He might not be going to Afghanistan like his brother but he’s still saving people’s lives.

People call the royal family lazy, but they’re far from it. The men have always been a part of the military, but you don’t hear about it because they’re given an alias, which is a pretty smart thing to do since the enemy would no doubt try their best to attack royalty.

Princess Diana certainly wasn’t lazy either, supporting charities and going to Africa, shee took an active role that just happened to b publicised. Just because we don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

I love having the royal family, not just because it’s a mark of our long history (which isn’t all that pretty but is still colourful) but because otherwise everything would be so dismal. Having just a Prime Minster without the formality of meeting the reigning monarch would be dull and the Queen’s jubilee next year is something to be excited about.

Above all else, they bring in money. They’re kind of tourist attraction. Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace, they have royal connections they get people excited, they attract visitors and without the royal family and the royal buildings London would lose some of its charm.

I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with them, they’re a figurehead for our country, which in itself is an important role, and I think they should be left that way. If there were a political party that ever proposes to abolish the monarchy I hope they get laughed out of parliament.


One response to “I Like The Royal Family.

  • summum1967

    You forgot to mention that when they are off visiting foreign countries they are doing it as envoys for this country. Encouraging trade and tourism. How many of those 17 year old unemployed oiks who say that the Royal Famiy don’t do anything will be working when they are 85 like the queen or 90 like Prince Phillip? – rant over

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