Olympic Torch Stops In Southampton.

Like the title says, the Olympic torch was in Southampton today. Right next to the building I have one of my seminars in. I got there with about ten minutes to spare and was so very tempted to risk being late to Ethics just so  could get my photo taken with it.

I didn’t though, and I regret it slightly. To be completely fair though it didn’t look that special, there was a huge colourful double-decker bus where free coke was being given out and there was obviously some sort of DJ on board blaring out really shitty music.

Next to it was a small gazebos thing, underneath which people were having their photo taken while they were holding the torch.  Upon closer inspection they were wearing glove to protect it from fingerprints. It was cool having it right there but it seemed a little underwhelming. The bus was the thing tha attracted us to the square and my friends only went for a closer look so they could get some free coke….except it was one of those really tiny cans.

I hope this isn’t foreshadowing next year. I am looking forward to the Olympics, but I’m slightly worried about the opening ceremony. everything so far (the logo and the mascots) suggests that England is trying to prove that it’s modern. But we have our tradition, it’s what we’re known for. I mean being English so I’m not exactly sure, but if someone says England do you not think royalty? Or perhaps the myths and legends of King Arthur or maybe above all else tradition?

I understand the need show that we aren’t a country stuck in the past, times are moving on after all, but that shouldn’t mean we lose everything that makes England, England.

Also, one thing is for certain, I want Spelbound to perform at the opening ceremony. Have you seen them? They’re amazing, it would be so brilliant to see them performing on that stage and it seems apt too because they won Britain’s Got Talent over a year ago.

This is Spelbound’s winning performance:

A beautiful performance from them a year later:


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