So, My Mum Has This Theory…

I have never ever heard anything even resembling a conspiracy theory come out of her mouth before and to be completely and utterly honest this is a pretty ridiculous one to be starting with.

Apparently there’s an episode of Star Trek Voyager that focuses around some guy who went to the future, went back to his time and started inventing a lot of the stuff he saw in the future (I’ve not yet seen this episode so I think that’s the gist of it).

A couple of months ago my mum turned to me, told me of this episode and said something along the lines of ‘you know what? I think that’s Steve Jobs. He’s been to the future and that’s how come he’s so innovative.’

With a quizzical and alarmed look on my part she assured me that she was joking and didn’t mention it agin. Well not until recent events.

She once again turned to me and said: ‘He must have been to the future. He knew what would happen to him so he tied up the loose ends.’

Now this has to be the most far out conspiracy theory ever.  Some man from the future has bestowed upon us technology before our time.

Actually, I don’t think it’s far wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I in no way believe he went to or came from the future (I’m also fairly certain that mum is kidding too, although I think I should probably get a number of a psychiatrist just in case) but I do think he saw it.

He just had an epiphany one day and knew exactly what he needed to create. I stand by what I said: He brought the future to us.

These are the summaries of the episodes my mum has base her theory on…..


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