No More World Cup.

Once again I find myself in a position of not knowing what to say. There really hasn’t been anything exciting to talk about, the only thing that comes to mind is te fact that England were knocked out of the World Cup today.

I’m going to be fair, I promise no rants.

We played France, who last week were completely humiliated by Tonga.France are one of the top teams in rugby. I’m no expert so I don’t know exactly wha number they are but the fact that Tonga managed to beat them must have been a blow to their morale.

But they’re always a team to be reckoned with. They are fierce and not afraid to drive forward. unfortunately that as the side they brought to the pitch today and they made us look pathetic.

We just didn’t read the French players well and kept giving the ball away. You wouldn’t have thought that we had won the World Cup in 2003.

Purely based on today’s performance, France deserved to win. But overall performance England had more passion. We won all of our pool games while France lost two. Twice we managed to claw our way into the lead despite being behind.

But today their heart just didn’t seem to be in it. We managed to get two tries but we should have kept going for drop goals just to add something to the scoreboard.

Fair play to France, they were the better team today, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want Wales to beat them next week. It’d be nice for a home nation to win it!


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