More Uni Stuff To write About

October 7. Not only does it mark the anniversary of Edgar Allen Poe’s death but it also happens to be Roll Around On The Floor Like Lauren Lopez Day.

This I did not be do, instead I was running around like a headless chicken. I found out that me and a group of people must get in contact with a primary school and design a website for them. A group leader must be nominated (thankfully it’s not me) and they must be the one to always get in touch with the head teacher of the school.

Now this kind of sounds alright, except for the fact that the school we have been given already has a decent website……oh and the fact that we’re all journalists the web-designers. This could prove to be our undoing.

As well as the three hours that have been scheduled for seminar and lecture we have to organise meeting outside of uni to make sure work is underway and that we’re all pulling our weight. But because the website doesn’t really have any design issues the only thing that we cn really do is see if they have any events like a fete of some sort and go and cover it, write some sort of article and post it in the same template their recent website designer used.

Personally I really don’t see the point apart from the fact that we’re working with people on our course that we wouldn’t usually work with. It’s good that we’re getting used to working with other people and getting  chance to show that we can work as a team.

I finally managed to get a hold of a student academic planner today as well, I had so much stuff whizzing through my mind of what needs to be done but now it has come to writing it down it has all fled from me. Still, I’ll probably try to start planning interviews for my major project soon, it seems a sensible option to try and get ahead on that as soon as possible.


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