Steve Jobs, The Apple Of The Technology Industry’s Eye.

With never a word wasted and his calm presence on stage Steve Jobs was almost as well-known for his engaging presentations as his success with Apple.

Jobs grew up in the place that later became silicon Valley which is somewhat fitting for the man who has shaped our culture with his constant innovations

He cemented his status as one of the most successful businessmen in the industry and as a pioneer of the technological age when he founded Apple in 1976 along with Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne and Mike Markkula Jr. He also went on to co-found Pixar Animation Studios and oversaw the creation of Toy Story and A Bug’s Life and a couple of other box office hits.

However throughout his successful career he has been blighted by illness. In 2003 Jobs was first diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. this coincided with the launch of iTunes in the U.S. The following year Jobs successfully had the tumour removed and recovered from his treatment.

Over the next few years the iPod was released and upgraded several time over, the iPhone came out and Apple were also enjoy the success with their Mac computer range. In 2009, just as Android phones were revealed, Jobs health deteriorated again and he was forced to take six month’s medical leave.

However that didn’t stop him, he came back the following year and unveiled the iPad and iPhone 4 further imprinting his and Apple’s name in history.

Earlier this year he was absent again and upon his return the iPad 2 was launched. Yet little over a month ago Jobs stepped down as CEO and became Chairman of Apple, he was replaced by Tim Cook and this caused further speculation about the state of his health. Unfortunately the pancreatic cancer came back and yesterday he lost is battle, dying aged 56.

His life may have been cut short but it was busy. Look around you and there will probably be a teenager with an iPod or someone playing about with an iPad. Jobs and his team revolutionised the way we listen to music and the way we use our phones.

With his products he brought the future to us. There’s no doubt that he’ll be missed.


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