Ethics Is Strangely Interesting

So I started uni again on Tuesday 12-5 so not bad hours. Although three of them are dedicated to Ethics and the Magazine Journalist….and two of them are a two hour break (living at home means I just have to hang around). Well actually….myback home is only every hour so I might get out at five but I have to hang around for an hour waiting for my bus.

Anyway, Ethics, that’s what I’m talking about. I thought it was going to be properly boring, I thought it was going to be don’t do this don’t do that, try to imagine what you would do in this situation.

It was a little bit of the last one but we also ended up watching South Park, I can’t remember what the episode was called (I’ve never really watched it before) but it was the one where almost all catholic priests were pedophiles and people discovered they could crap out of their mouths.

Now you might be like ‘what the hell is the point of watching that when it comes to ethics?’ I kind of was. But it’s controversial. As a journalist you’re always going to be in danger of causing controversy and you need to decide how far is too far.

South Park is ridiculing religion which is always a tricky thing to discuss but depending on the magazine you work for, would you publish it? Would you put it on the front cover? Would you ban it? These are the questions we have to answer and always keep in mind. Somehow I like that, I like that when it comes to publishing something we have to ask ourselves these questions because it gets a little philosophical, and a thought-provoking debate is always a good thing.

But the best thing about this is the reading list we’re given for the unit. I liked it so much so that  today (the second day back) I paid a visit to the library to get a couple before they all undoubtedly disappeared.

The first is: Buffy The Vampire Slayer And Philosophy Fear And Trembling In Sunnydale. And the second is The Simpsons And Philosophy The D’oh Of Homer. The fact that we get to watch South Park and Youtube videos and get to read books about Buffy and The Simpsons means that this unit is better than I thought it would be already.

Although there is the small matter of a 1500 word feature article about a controversial and ridiculed subject to be getting on with…


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