Photos From The Convention.

If anyone is interested here are a few photos from yesterday. I’ve put parts of my previous blog post beneath them just to give you an idea of when in the day the photo is from.

The Harry Potter talk

“…In two minutes a Harry Potter talk would begin and I had a sly suspicion that Evanna Lynch would be there…”


Practicing the dance together.

 “…Evanna and Scarlett got up and performed the Wrackspurt Dance for everyone.”

You don't usually expect to find Darth Vader skulking about collecting for charity.

(This was straight after the talk but forgot to mention it before)

Me and Shirley Henderson (Moaning Myrtle).

 “…Evanna and Shirley had turned up at the signing tables by then. Exchanged my vouchers for a photo and got Shirley to sign it. She was pretty damn nice.”

Star Wars was everywhere.

So many people were dressed up, there were a lot of Stormtroopers, professor Snape, loads of incarnations of the Doctor, a Cyberman, Lightning from Final Fantasy 13 and a weeping Angel.

Evanna is just awesome.

 “…When she came back however I started talking to her about Pottermore which was actually kind of cool!”

Eve Myles looking sort of contemplative...sort of.

 This was on our way to checking on how far David had managed to get.

Earlier I was tempted to not bother with his autograph.

  “…And while I was perusing Facebook this guy came along and asked what number tickets we had. When we told him it was 913 he gave us a ticket.

A wonderful, glorious, miraculous ticket that bore the number 276…”

But I'm glad I did bother.

  “…He shook my hand, I know, so cliché but it’s David Tennant, clichés are allowed…”

Armin Shimerman.

He was one of the ones that my mum was excited about.

Kes from Voyager.

She was another that my mum was excited about.

Me and Eve Myles

“…I thought I’d go after this one, but ended up waiting to get an autograph from Eve Myles…”

And that is that.


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