Lovely Dreams…

WordPress sent out a topic prompt for the Daily Post challenge the other day and I’ve only just had the chance to look at it. Topic #265 Describe a dream you’ve had more than once…. hmmm well, this is an interesting one.

I don’t really have reoccurring dreams, but they do have a reoccurring theme.

I’m not exactly sure horror is the right term, but I’m a wimp so I’ll just stick with that. Every so often I go through a stage where my dreams are strange and gory and it usually lasts for about a week. I haven’t a clue why I dream stuff like that but they’ve ranged from me discovering twelve decaying corpses tied to a train track that are eventually run over by the train (for some reason I went about collecting the bits and disposed of them in my kitchen bin…..) to an art class going to an abandoned warehouse and at some point getting covered in offal and baby entrails (this is my worst dream to date).

Hopefully it doesn’t mean I’m disturbed or anything, I mean I really do hate it when these dreams come about. With the last one I mentioned I woke up feeling so sick that I really didn’t want to go back to sleep.

There was also another dream I had where I was being chased up a rickety old staircase which I think ended up leading into my flat and this person with a knife had already killed someone in front of me….thankfully my alarm went off and I went and got my mum up for work (she uses me as an alarm). Usually I go back to sleep but I didn’t much fancy getting murdered in my dreams so stayed up. 

Now this a far cry from the peanut butter monster that used to chase me around in my sleep when I was younger and I kind of miss it. After all it is a lot more ridiculous than being chased by an actual knife wielding murderer.

So yeah, there you go. My mind is weird when my body is resting.


One response to “Lovely Dreams…

  • H.E. ELLIS

    I always thought when you dream about things that are horrific, it was your mind forcing you to face a real life fear, maybe one that’s not obvious to you and that you’re avoiding. Facing horrors in your dream that you wouldn’t see in real life helps you acclimate to facing fear itself.

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