A Very Long Day

If this post is riddled with spelling mistakes (more so than usual) please bear with, I’m typing this out on my iPod.

The reason for this is that I am still in London and have just over an hour and a half to kill whilst I wait for my coach back home.

Today has been pretty good. I found out a while ago from someone on Leaky Cauldron that there was a convention today at Earl’s Court that Evanna Lynch would be attending.

Since my religion is basically Harry Potter (well yeah that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but only a bit) I had to go.

Harry Potter wasn’t the only stuff there, people from Doctor Who, Torchwood, Star Trek and a few other things were about too.

I know all this sounds pretty geeky but I’ve always been a geek. From the age of eight or so my mum, my aunt, my uncle and I would go to Buffy conventions, get autographs, go to talks and have photos taken.

Unfortunately by the time I arrived at Earl’s Court today photos with David Tennant (my favourite Doctor) had sold out as had photos with Evanna.

These two people were really the main reason I went and was a little bit disappointed to say the least.

But without complaining I looked around and searched the names that were still available and my eye was drawn to the the stages and the talks that would be taking place.

In two minutes a Harry Potter talk would begin and I had a sly suspicion that Evanna Lynch would be there. I pointed this out to my mum and we headed towards it. However we ended up going by the signing tables and as if to torture me my mum stopped every other second to a get a photo of someone while they signed things.

Seriously, she stopped and started so much you would have thought she was being controlled by some sort of mini learner driver.

In the end we got there, missing the start and creeping up the centre aisle to get a seat.

As I suspected Luna Lovegood sat upon the stage along with Pansy Parkinson (Scarlett Byrne) and Moaning Myrtle (Shirley Henderson). I couldn’t really hear what was being said but I did enjoy the fact that both Evanna and Scarlett got up and performed the Wrackspurt Dance for everyone.

Anyway that talk was good I heard a few  things like Evanna hasn’t actually been approached to do A Very Potter Threequel.

Afterwards I decided I would pay to get Evanna’s, Shirley’s and David’s autographs. Well that was the plan but it was highly unlikely that David Tennant would be able to get through everyone seeing as how over 900 people had already attained a virtual ticket to see him and they didn’t want to make people pay if they weren’t sure they would get in.

Long story short, I ended up being 913. To pass some time we looked round the merchandise stores but couldn’t actually buy anything because we had no cash, both cash points downstairs had run out of money and there wasn’t another nearby…..

So we ended up jumping in a taxi, going to a service station, taking money out, jumping back in the taxi and returning to the convention.

Evanna and Shirley had turned up at the signing tables by then. Exchanged my vouchers for a photo and got Shirley to sign it. She was pretty damn nice.

Went to check on David, who was still only available for the first 180 people and then went back to Evanna. Just as I got to the part where I pick up a photo she went off either to do her photoshoot or for a break. When she came back however I started talking to her about Pottermore which was actually kind if cool!

Checked on David again and he had shot up to 540, enthused by this I tried to exchange my virtual ticket for vouchers but they said no, saying they wouldn’t be comfortable with it unless the number was only a hundred less than the one on my ticket.

Cue sitting against a wall and waiting for a ling time. And while I was perusing Facebook this guy came along and asked what number tickets we had. When we told him it was 913 he gave us a ticket.

A wonderful, glorious, miraculous ticket that bore the number 276.

(I’m going to attribute this piece of good fortune to the fact that this morning while I was waiting for the train to leave I saw a couple rushing to get on and in their haste they dropped one of their train tickets. Noticing that they got on the same as me but on a different carriage I quickly popped out picked up their ticket and delivered it to the carriage in front of mine.)

Well actually he gave us two but we ended up giving the second one to a guy sitting next to us with his son.

Of course this meant that I could go ahead, join the queue and see the guy who was in such high demand.

He shook my hand, I know, so cliche but it’s David Tennant, cliches are allowed.

I thought I’d go after this one, but ended up waiting to get an autograph from Eve Myles (Gwen Cooper from Torchwood).

All in all it was a good day, I’m usually sensible with money so it was a bit of a wrench spending so much, but I guess it’s too late now.

This has turned into sort of a ramble for which I’m sorry but it has served its purpose, I’m on the coach now. Once again I’m sorry about the length, I’ll probably edit it when I get home, or maybe tomorrow, I am pretty tired!


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