In My World Money = Books.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That, my friends, is a sigh of relief for today I wandered over to the nearest cash point and checked my account whilst not holding out much hope. But somehow, two days before it was due, my student grant lay before me shining from beneath the dirty screen.

And of course this is good news not only will my trip to London tomorrow be less strained but I’ll also be able to afford to get to uni from next week. Now, for a while I’ve had a list of things that I really want and it’s kind of been building up and up and up. The majority of it was made up of books….and some of the stuff that has yet to be ticked off isn’t even out yet.

But I ended up going to the nearest Waterstone’s (my town doesn’t have any sort of bookshop….well it does but most of the books in there are about Halo, Warhammer and stuff like that) and bought the whole bookshop…well five books…well four one was pre-ordered….actually I guess three is more accurate, one of them came free with the pre-order…but then one was free in the three for two…so really I bought two books..but had four, with one on the horizon.

Anyway, in the three for two I got The Time Traveller’s Guide To Medieval England which is basically a history book but very descriptive. It makes the past the present and you can see vividly what would have been in front of you over 700 year ago (yes I’ve started reading it already). I also got One Day, I saw the film and, despite Anne Hathaway’s very confused accent, really enjoyed it, but of course the book is always going to be better than the film and I expect I’ll probably be more emotionally invested in it this than the film. The other one is The Valley Of Horses never heard of it before, but it’s a part of a series and I thought that it was the start of it but in fact it’s the second….so I need to go and get the first one.

But I’m not as excited about those as I am about the one I pre-ordered. It comes out November 8, it’s the fourth and final instalment that (for the most part) has gripped me since I picked up the first one.

Can you guess what it is yet?

Indeed, today I pre-ordered Inheritance which meant I got it for half-price really and with that I was given Temeraire by Naomi Novik. I’ve heard of neither the author or the novel before but it could be good…the blurb wasn’t very engaging but then they’re not always reliable.

After I left Waterstone’s I went into the High Street and found a stall absolutely littered with books…all being sold for £1. It’s always sad when people find that the best way to get rid of books, they are worth a lot more…but that didn’t stop me from picking up a book I’ve been meaning to give another go. River God by Wilbur Smith is a very very very difficult book to get into. The first 100 pages are just so hard to navigate, but beyond that it is just gripping. Of course, never having managed to get past the first 100 pages I don’t know this for sure.

Soooo, that’s now 6 books all for under £30 which I thought was pretty good. And then I went to the local supermarket and pushed that to over £30 by buying The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I saw the film recently and while it was complex, confusing and like trying to navigate a maze I still quite enjoyed it. But I’m sure the book will be brilliant. 

Anyway (sorry for boring you with a glorified list of books) I think I have my reading pile sufficiently stocked up, it was pretty depleted before and I’m actually quite looking forward to straying out of the fantasy genre for a while, though of course that is where my heart will always lie.


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