Bad News, Twilight Has Finished Filming…..Wait, Did I Just Say Bad?

Finally the sun has dawned, finally the long, long night has been banished and this bane will soon be gone. No longer will we have to be blighted by the three most boring, unemotional and tiresome faces to ever appear together.

Twilight has all been filmed, although I am of the mind that it should have ended ages ago. I mean why the hell have they made the last book into two films? I’ve read it, nothing happens apart from the most anticlimactic ending ever!

I cannot tell you how relieved I am that it’s over, almost. I’ll still have to put up with the undeserved hype that this shoddy story gets and probably the crappy TV spots that will crop up whenever I’m watching television.

But while I was scrolling through Sky News on my iPod a headline caught my attention: ‘Tears As Filming For Last Twilight Movie Ends’.

I hope to god they’re tears of happiness. I mean why would you be sad to get away from it? Surely they’d all be happy to break free and try to tear their names away from this brutally dull and dimwitted book and film series.

Taylor Lautner has admitted to crying when filming was wrapped, I mean I’m guessing he’s the pathetic excuse for a werewolf that pops up here and there (spoiler coming) and ends up falling in love with Bella’s baby (spoiler over). I’m not going to lay into him for crying, absolutely nothing wrong with it, I will however lay into him for his rubbish acting skills.

So okay, I’m no actress, but I’m not trying to make a living out of it. He is, and somehow he’s done a good job despite his lack of reaction or facial expressions or emotions or any skill what so ever. 

Well this is my rant over, I admit it is a bit aimless but if I’m honest if I could have thought of something better to write about I would have, this was totally a last resort.


2 responses to “Bad News, Twilight Has Finished Filming…..Wait, Did I Just Say Bad?

  • H.E. ELLIS

    I completely agree. I actually forbade my daughter from seeing the last one they put out. It reads like one of those pamphlets they give you in school about how to tell when your boyfriend is being abusive.

    • Summer Grant

      I have to forbid my mum from watching it, she sneaks behind my back and still does though haha. I seriously don’t get the hook of Twilight, it’s all about going out with a dead guy and then a guy who’s basically an animal and then when she finally settles for the dead guy the other one becomes obsessed with her baby……………seriously?

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