There Are Some Odd Days Out There Continued…

Lauren Lopez as Draco Malfoy

Image by sermoa via Flickr

I was invited to another one. Now it is odd and might just be completely bizarre to somebody who doesn’t know where it comes from.

But I have been invited to and shall be attending (well just for the fun of it I doubt I’ll actually do it) Roll Around On The Floor Like Lauren Lopez Day.

Yep I told you it was an odd one.

If you’re a fan of AVPM and AVPS you’ll know exactly what it is. If, however, you’re sitting there scratching your head saying ‘what the hell does AVPM and AVPS mean?’ I am about to reveal to you another depth of my Harry Potter geekiness.

AVPM stands for A Very Potter Musical and AVPS stands for A Very Potter Sequel.

These are full fan made parody musicals that are hilarious from start to end. Darren Criss, who plays Blaine in Glee, is a rather arrogant but still charmingly cute Harry Potter.

However the best character in both of them has to be Draco Malfoy, and this is where Lauren Lopez comes in, she plays him. She captures the arrogance of Malfoy perfectly but at the same time her depiction of the Slytherin somewhat melts your heart and if you didn’t like Malfoy before, you’re bound to now.

And guess what, his favoured mode of transport is rolling across the floor, he’s also well-known for flopping across people, falling off benches and making his presence known by saying ‘Did somebody say Draco?’.

This about explains why October 7 is Roll On The Floor Like Lauren Lopez Day. Thankfully there is no ‘official’ or ‘international’ stuck on the front.

If you’re interested in AVPM and AVPS the first part of AVPM is below, make sure to watch it with headphones, the sound dips in and out.


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