Damn You Labour.

Ed Milliband MP speaking at the Labour Party c...

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Flicking through my Facebook newsfeed I have once again been reminded why I hate the Labour Party so much.

Not only are they responsible for the massive deficit Britain is facing, not only is their leader Ed Milliband a bumbling, gormless fool but they’ve decided to take advantage of the recent phone hacking scandal and turn it into something useful for them.

I know this is what politicians do, they take something bad and make it positive for them and their party. But why can’t they employ the art of subtlety.

But ah yes, I haven’t actually said what Labour are planning to do should they get back into power, god forbid. They want to set up a register for journalists.

I’ve only read the one article on it, from Wired UK, but it seems a journalist would have to pay to be on the register if you make a mistake (I’m not calling the phone hackings a mistake I’m just saying some journalists are prone to actual mistakes) you will be taken off for malpractice.

As if it wasn’t hard enough already to become a journalist. Do they not release how clogged up the industry is? Do they not realise that not every single journalist is scum like those who did hack phones? Why should we all have to suffer for their lack of a moral compass?

I thought there was something called freedom of speech and it kind of sounds like Labour are trying to cut down on it, well to be honest if I was part of a party that nobody had a good word to say about I’d probably give it a go too.

It also has an unfortunate name, a register. I mean you have a crime register, the sex offenders register and if Labour ever do manage to put it through they’ll make it sound like it’s a crime to be a journalist. Well excuse me, who were the ones to claim ridiculous things on their expenses and used tax payer’s money to pay for them? Certainly wasn’t a journalist.

Ed Millband, you idiotic, insufferable, ignorant man, you should choose your battles more wisely. Taking on the media could seem like a good idea but it’s as slippery as you politicians. And will you really be remembered for it? Look at David Cameron, he’s a hero in Libya. Most of us might not agree with the tragic but necessary cuts he’s making in Britain but he’s managed to traverse the sticky and treacherous waters of the Libyan conflict and made a success of it. At the moment it looks a far cry from Iraq or Afghanistan.

Anyway, I thought I should get my opinion out there before it gets stifled. A Labour supporter I shall never be.

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