Dale Farm.

Today quite a big legal fight will be coming to a climax. I didn’t know too much about this, but I put on my journalist cap and did some research so I could bring you all something about it.

In 2001 traveller’s started  settling down in Essex and created the largest illegal traveller’s site in the UK, 400 people are living on 51 unauthorised caravan plots. For the past decade court battles have been fought and finally it seems the war might be coming to an end.

Well it did look that way.

 Last week the traveller’s won an injunction based on the fact that  there was a ‘realistic apprehension that the measures to be taken “may go further” than the terms of the enforcement notice’.

The injunction meant that the travellers had to wait until today to hear what the High Court had to say. And just what did they have to say? Well it still hasn’t been resolved. The travellers have at least an extra week left at Dale Farm because it has been decided that there shall be two separate hearings taking place over the course of the next week.

Of course Basildon council won’t be happy about this. they’ve been trying to get their land “back” for the last decade and over these past few days things have started to get a bit more heated.

Soon after they found out they had won the injunction last week the travellers constructed a barricade that could be seen as a massive f*** you to the council. This sparked a health and safety concern so to add insult to injury they made a draw bridge saying that if there was an emergency there was a way for the residents to get out.

Although the council are certain that the law will be upheld the traveller’s have a lot of support on their side, some supporters have gone as far as chaining themselves to the entrance of the site. And when the news came through that the injunction had been won they could be seen dancing around and chanting ‘we’re not going to go’ to the bailiffs who waited.

My opinion on the whole matter is that it’s illegal. If they wanted to live there permanently then they should have gone through legal channels to get permission. As a people they’re nomads and here’s the dictionary definition of it:

A member of a people or tribe that has no permanent abode but moves about from place to place, usually seasonally and often following a traditional route or circuit according to the state of the pasturage or food supply.
Now, I know that they have families to look after and a home that they have to leave but this has never stopped traveller’s from living that lifestyle before. And I’m also sure that they’re nice people, apart from the whole being sexist thing, but if they’ve decided they want to live the way most of the world does they can’t ignore the rules. They don’t have permission to build on the land, yet they have.
I know that the land they have is Greenbelt land so they can’t build on it. But why then did they buy it? The funny thing about the whole situation is that the plot next to them can be built upon. If only they had had the forethought ten years ago then this decade long debacle could have been avoided. 
I wouldn’t take kindly to being evicted from my home, no. I know this is a touchy subject but my only gripe with the whole situation is the fact that the traveller’s don’t seem to get that it’s illegal.

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