Sorry State

Ladies and Gentlemen and fellow fans of Little Fish. Today I must break to you some sad news.

Nez the drummer and co-founding member of Oxford based Little Fish has left the band.

Now I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him once, in person he almost seems unassuming, relaxed and calm. On stage, however, he’s completely different. He plays aggressively but not overly so, he pummels his drum kit and produces beats that become the backbone of almost every Little Fish track to date.

But now he is leaving and it is hard to imagine Little Fish without him. Juju and Nez first met each other in a fish and chip shop where they started arguing about drum solos. Juju thought they didn’t have a place in a song, Nez resolutely disagreed and Little Fish was born.

The reason he has decided to take this course of action is because he has a wife and baby to look after and no money coming in from the band. While he would love to carry on he simply can’t afford to. You can read what Little Fish have to say here.

The fact that this has rocked, in my opinion, the most talented and most promising independent band in the British music industry is a massive blow. They were something fresh and new when they came about and they still are now. They are a beacon to any band out there who decide to go it alone because I believe 100% that one day Little Fish will make it.

They might not be mainstream but they will be one of the best underground bands about. They are talented, they have the right songs and god damn it they’re dedicated. I’ve never come across a band that work as hard as they do. They’ve had some good luck in supporting Courtney Love and Blondie and making Linda Perry take notice of them.

But they’ve had a bit of bad luck too, it took longer than expected to release their debut album, Baffled & Beat, and when they were touring around the UK to support their release there wasn’t much radio play to drum up enough excitement.

And now bad luck has reared its ugly head once again and taken from them a truly gifted drummer. With any luck a miracle will happen and Nez will be able to return, but for now Juju and Ben are carrying on the band. I hope so much that they’ll make it work because their talent is something that should not be squandered.

I wish you all the best Nez, you’ll be missed from the band. I leave you with the one song he managed to get a drum solo on:


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