Your Last Year.

It seems every year there’s something trying to scare us into believing that the world is about to come to a crashing and climactic end. No prizes for guessing what it was this year.

I first heard about the whole 2012 thing when I was a lot younger. It cropped up in a Horrible Histories book I was reading at the time and of course I was terrified. But I was comforted in the fact that 2012 was far, far away in the future. Yet somehow, even though it’s on the horizon it has failed to incite the same fear that overcame me before.

I guess that’s just because I don’t honestly believe it will happen, but it has got me thinking.

Imagine, if you will, that you know for absolute certain that the world will end next year. You’re not full of fear or anger, you accept the inevitable. 

What would you do during your last year and a bit? Would you carry on living life as normal? Or would you undertake the epic and admittedly morbid task of crossing everything off on your to-do list?

Me? Well, I’d go for the latter. I’d quit university and, imagining I have money, I’d do everything I wanted. I’d go to Florida and finally see Disney World and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

I’d see all the bands that I’ve ever wanted to see live, it wouldn’t matter where they played it would be my last chance.

I’d go to Italy, the one country I’ve alway wanted to go to and I’d even have a go at learning Italian, the one language I’ve ever been interested in.

And while I’m travelling everywhere to go and see all these places I’d write and finish my book just to prove that I can. And if I’m lucky enough I’d meet J.K Rowling as well.

But once all this was done I would go home and spend the rest of it with my mum and friends. I don’t really care about the typical stuff like swimming with dolphins or seeing all the wonderful sites in the world.

I’d quite happily spend my last few days at home, getting back into the routine I would have neglected for a long time. 

There’d also be a bit of panicking, of course there would. But I think if I knew that there was little over a year left I would start living day-to-day instead.

What would you do? What’s on your list that you haven’t had a chance to tick off yet?



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