Are We Living Too Fast?

I went up to Southampton today. By car it’s a short  journey, but I can’t drive.

So I caught the bus, which I don’t mind but in comparison it is an extraordinarily long trip. An hour and twenty minutes it takes but considering this is the city I attend university in I have grown used to it.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not prone to growing bored of it. On my way there I just wanted to hurry up, I thought it inconvenient that it had to take so long. Why go the long way round when there’s a more direct route?

And then I caught myself in mid-thought and stopped my internal rant. I put my magazine (Wired) back into my bag and turned my music up ever so slightly (I hate it when people have it on so loud that you can hear every single word blasting out) and looked out the window.

This made for a very relaxing journey. The bus goes through Lee-On-The-Solent which means all passengers get a breathtaking view of the Isle Of Wight which looms on the horizon. After that it zooms through Stubbington which is a nice place to go through and leads to loads of farm land which is nice to look over.

Basically there’s a lot of nice views to be had during that hour and twenty minutes. Over the past couple of years some of the sites have become a favourite of mine.

But it got me thinking (yes I know I’m getting to the point kind of late) that we don’t have time to take notice of things anymore, that we don’t enjoy things as much as we could.

I always use the self-service at a supermarket, but why? What’s so superior about it? Nothing. It takes longer than a normal till, there’s no human interaction unless something goes wrong with the machine. It makes the supermarket just a little bit more dull.

Lately I’ve taken to walking there instead of jumping in the car, it might not be quicker, but it’s somehow calmer. I get to think, I get fresh air and a choice in what music I listen to.

I’ve actually decided I quite like walking. It clears my mind, situations arise in my imagination that might not otherwise appear. The same with the bus journey. As the countryside whizzes by my mind is whisked away, random thoughts pop up or maybe entire scenes to write out.

Don’t you think that with this faster more convenient way of life we’re being spoilt? We’re missing out on conversation that might otherwise enlighten us. We don’t have as much time to ponder.

Of course I’m guilty of this, I won’t deny otherwise. But if you slow down and look around every so often can you honestly tell me that you won’t enjoy life just that little bit more?


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