Guess What’s Back In The Headlines.

Yep, that’s right. The phone hacking scandal.

Now I in no way condone what they’ve done. It’s disgusting that some journalists lack respect for anybody. But it’s not entirely down to the journalist, nor is it entirely the editor. The people I would blame are Rupert Murdoch and his son. They were the ones heaping the pressure on the paper and the demand for stories lead to some people resorting to desperate measures.

As part of a daily newspaper you’re under constant pressure to get everything to print in time otherwise it’ll cost the paper money and you’ll lose your job and damage your reputation. Of course this is no excuse.

And one of the most despicable phone hackings was that of Milly Dowler’s family. She was abducted nine years go and her body was found later that year and it has recently come to light that a journalist from The News Of The World hacked her family’s phones.

Well in the past couple of days it has been announced that the Dowler family well receive a payout of £2million as an apology. But does that really make everything better?

Does that really make up for the fact that during the hardest years of their lives they had their privacy violated? It’s completely disgusting what the paper put them through. They gave the family false hope that Milly was still alive.

Can money really make up for that anguish? I know that there’s nothing that can really be done to make up for the damage caused. And unfortunately I doubt the Murdochs could have done anything else.

I’m glad that it has come out into the open though, it might make me realise just how difficult this career is but we all have the right to know if someone is doing their job poorly, if someone chooses to go about their job unethically.

Undoubtedly it is a widespread case, other papers will have journalists that have done this. And I hope beyond hope that I will never be one of them

I do hope that somehow the Dowler family feel a bit better in some way. The money must be little comfort considering what they lost nine years ago, but at least now they don’t have someone exploiting them.


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