Blast From The Past

Well yesterday I said I would be listening to Linkin Park Breaking The Habit because of the name of my blog post.

Well, I did and it reminded me of how much I loved Linkin Park back when they were good and I’ve been listening to them since.

They weren’t a massive revelation, they didn’t get me into music or anything but whenever I hear them it reminds me of school since that was the time I really started getting into music, or more specifically the heavier side to music.

The first band that made me like music was the Spice Girls. I mean, when you’re under ten and there’s a band who bring out really buoyant songs and have their own film, there’s no reason not to. I did own the movie I had it in this tin case that eventually ended up as a pencil-case and I also had a Spice Girls bean bag.

Of course I grew out of that phase and the next band I can really remember falling in love with was Nightwish. I was given an iPod for Christmas and my friend had come round and helped my mum install loads of songs on it and I’m pretty sure he put the Finnish band on there.

Of course this was the era of Myspace so I’d been exploring new music through its various pages. And when I came across Nightwish I immediately fell in love with them. There’s just something so unique and different about them, they’re not like anyone I’ve heard before and when I heard Nemo I knew that it would be one of my all time favourite tracks.

I came across them when they were still with Tarja but not long after they parted ways. While her voice is amazing I just didn’t have that attachment to her that loads of hardcore fans do, I was new to them after all.

Anyway, after I fell for Nightwish I fell for two others in quick succession. Within Temptation, no other band has produced such songs that have got my imagination racing. They have a knack for storytelling, more so than a lot of bands out there. Their most recent album, The Unforgiving, came out this year. It coincided with my week’s work experience at the local newspaper. I was absolutely terrified but for some reason having their new tracks thumping out of my headphones calmed me down as I walked to the ferry and waited for the my bus on the other side.

And after Within Temptation came Lacuna Coil. The best thing to come from Italy aside from pizza. I remember really paying attention to them for the first time. I’d just been to the circus down on Southsea Common and we had just got back in the car, waiting to get back onto the road. the words Enjoy The Silence came up and I was like ‘oh another Depeche Mode cover. I love playing along to this song on Donkey Konga.’ So I played it, I played it again and again and again and then decided that I should check out some of their other songs, I was not disappointed.

So those are my main three bands. Somewhere between discovering them I came to really appreciate Linkin Park. Numb and In The End are definitely their best. But then they ruined themselves with the release of Minutes To Midnight and that really put me off them, which is why I haven’t listened to them properly for a good long while.

Have I fallen in love with other bands since? Yes I have, first it was Florence and the Machine, then it was Mumford and Sons, then Little Fish exploded into my life and then so did Laura Marling.

 I think this can only mean that in the six years or so since foreign bands dominated my iPod, British music has really grown in quality, which I hadn’t noticed before. I hope it continues to do so, but I hope that music from all countries get their chance to shine.


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