Music Videos

For anyone interested in music and music videos I have a friend who likes to make them. His name is Rob Patrick and he has actually made quite a few music videos. A couple of which I’ve been allowed a sneak preview of.

The first one is for Thundacub with Money which consists of a guy called Benji. The song, which is about money, reminds me a little of the Scissor Sisters in the sense that it’s quite busy.

Anyway, to the actual video. The most striking thing about it is that it’s  quirky. From Thndacub wearing what looks like a large teddy bear head as a hat to a girl leading two geishas about by a lead.

Basically the gist of it is everyone who’s playing the card game are pretty powerful hoping to win some money from the game. Thundacub loses the game to a girl who actually turns out to be evil and by the end of the video they get into a fight.

It’s completely crazy and I think it suits the song perfectly. It gives a good feel for the sort of guy Thundaclub is. Rob himself said ‘it is just a very eccentric storyline for an eccentric performer.’

If there’s a bit I want you to watch out for it’s the fight towards the end. It’s pretty good and believable and while I’m not an expert when it comes to music videos I can imagine how difficult it must have been to film. So I applaud Rob for it.

The other video is for Cold Fever featuring Kya with the song Pricey. It’s a very professional video complete with a dance routine. And this one looks like a bit of fun.

Kya’s dancing up the street and the dancing in a night club. It’s a catchy song and again this is another case of the video suiting the song. The camera work is pretty good and creates a nice narrative.

It’s simple in its concept which is good because I have no time for videos that try to be profound.

I seriously suggest that you check them out and when I can (and if I’m allowed) I’ll share them with you.


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