Little Fish Are So Cool.

I love them. I think I’ve mentioned that before but oh well.

They’re a band from Oxford who have such raw talent that you could almost get food poisoning from watching them. Ok so that actually sounds like a bad thing but I mean it in the best possible way.

But to them being in a band is more than just the music. They set up this Little Fish Paper Club where they make by hand a ‘paper square’ that has a story on it and some illustrations and send it out to whoever is a member of the club. They did a feature on women in rock which I really need to check out and they’re undertaking another project.

They have teamed up with Miranda Ward, who I think they’ve been on friendly terms with for a while, and are making a book. The way it works is Miranda talks to the band and what she finds out she sticks in the book which is entitled The New Original Little Fish Paper Club Handbook: Essays On A Rock ‘n’ Roll Band.

But there’s one little snag. Little Fish are an independent band, Miranda Ward is an independent writer so I bet you can see where I’m going with this. Yep, the book is getting published independently but to me this is all for the better. Yet it does mean the they need 400 people to pledge their support.

Of course, being the kind and generous people that they are they’ve promised something to anyone who pledges any amount of money. See here for the details.

At the moment they only have 18% of what they need and 56 days to do it in. As soon as I have some money I’m doing it, and because I’m so against e-readers they’ve persuaded me to give them £20 but then what you get for £40 is pretty damn good too.

Although, if I’m honest, I just want to give them the support. It’s a brave move to decide to go independent and they are seriously one of the best bands I’ve ever seen or listened to. They made me put my faith back into rock music again.

So please, if you’re already a fan of them pledge. If you’ve never heard of them before there’s a taster below:


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