My Top Five Authors.

Now usually I would do something like this in descending order. But because, throughout several posts, I have gushed fanatically about my top two,  there’s no surprise. All five of them are authors I’ve come across at different times in my life and who’s work I still enjoy now.

1 J.K Rowling.

Of course, she’s got the top spot. She’s my inspiration and even though Harry Potter is firmly fantasy there is still something oddly believable about a magical community hiding from the normal world. The series gripped me when I was a child and I doubt it’s ever going to let me go and that is all down to Rowling’s imagination and creativity that so many people were drawn into that world. In another writer’s hands I’m not sure it would have flourished as much nor would it have had the same charm. I look forward to her future books, because just like those who took part on the films Rowling needs to step out from under the shadow of Harry Potter and prove that she can write other stuff.

2 Kelley Armstrong.

She is an amazing author. Every single book she writes adds just a little more depth to her world. Every character that’s there is always there for a reason. Not a single word is wasted and somehow everything fits in somewhere. Again, she has mastered the art of making a realistic supernatural world and hiding it amongst the already existing mundane one. Her biggest strength are her main characters. She has created so many and each and every one of them has such depth, they’re all likeable and their stories can be so complex but also so satisfying.

3 James Clemens.

The Banned and the Banished series is so rich. I love it, I had to get all the books in quick succession because I was so completely addicted to the story. His writing style is especially distinctive and he has a great talent for twists. He is definitely one of the best fantasy writers I’ve come across. He started the Godslayer Trilogy and I immediately started reading those, but it feels like I have been waiting for years for the last book. He’s a good tory teller who always has a good plot to hand and you’ll always find his name on my bookcase.

4 Christopher Paolini.

The author of the inheritance Trilogy (which has become the inheritance Cycle). Eragon was a fantastically brilliant read it’s another story that had me hooked right from the word go. The relationship between Eragon and Saphira throughout the series is beautiful and these are two characters I’m going to miss when the final instalment comes out in November. The only problem with Paolini is his predictability it doesn’t occur often but when it does it tends to be around something important. Although if the theories I’ve come up with while reading the series aren’t proven to be true in the last book then I’ll be severely disappointed.

5 Maggie Furey.

She is amazing. There aren’t really any other words, although (to start with) Shadowleague failed to live up to the general brilliance of The Artefacts of Power it swiftly shot up in quality and by the end I found it hard to remember why I was disgruntled with it. She has stared  new series, after much illness, called Chronicles of Xandim that has so much promise that I can’t wait for the story to unfold. But Artefacts of Power remains her best work, the story was amazing and heart-wrenching on occasion. Furey is also one of the better fantasy writers and I’m glad that my friend introduced me to her books. 


5 responses to “My Top Five Authors.

  • H.E. ELLIS

    I agree with all of these as far as the genre goes. But since my favorite genre is…well, I guess “sick” would be the way to describe, it I’d throw Chuck Palahniuk, James Ellroy and Ray Banks in there if it were my list. Oh, and me.

    • Summer Grant

      Haha. I never realised before that my top 5 were all fantasy authors, I really need to branch out. The only book I’ve read recently that wasn’t fantasy was Misery by Stephen King. I haven’t heard of the ones you mentioned, what have they written?

  • H.E. ELLIS

    James Ellroy wrote the novel that was turned into the movie “LA Confidential” and Ray Banks writes British sort-of pulp fiction stories. Chuck Palahniuk is just twisted.

  • beckyday6

    I completley agree with 1, 2 and 4! I have never heard of the other two, but will deffinatly go check them out now, seeing as you seem to love the same authors as me! I did a review on Bitten if your a review dork like me you might wanna check it out! 😛

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