Grant Girls (It Just Doesn’t Have The Same Ring To It)

I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls a lot lately. I first saw it a few years back but didn’t pay much attention to it and I started up again recently, recording it on e4.

For a while now, people have been coming up to me and saying ‘Hey Summer. Do you know who you remind me of? Rory from Gilmore girls. And do you know what else? You’re mum is Lorelai.’

I understand what they mean to an extent. My mum and I have a good relationship…and, like Lorelai, she’s pretty weird. I like books a whole lot more than TV and games (although I am quite partial to both) and I’m studying to be a journalist.

But I’m not as smart as Rory, I never wanted to get into a university like Harvard or Yale and if I did I would never have stood a chance of getting in.

Yet we do have pur moments. Recently I found out that soap and dust like to irritate my skin so I’ve started wearing disposable gloves whenever I do the cleaning. Unfortunately I ran of these but needed to empty the Hoover. My mum can’t do this because she’s allergic to dust.

Still, I presented her with the problem and she had a solution. Mere moments later I could be found out in the hallway, with plastic carrier bags tied over my hands, taking the Hoover apart.

However, it seems, when I was out one day my mum must have been bored and started to watch the episodes I’d recorded and now she’ just as addicted to the show as I am.  

There was a moment yesterday (or possibly the day before) when I walked into the kitchen and she said to me: ‘Guess who I bumped into today.’ ‘Who?’ I asked. ‘Max,’ she stated.

For a few moments I was a bit confused thinking that we didn’t know anybody named Max. Then it dawned on me, she meant Max Medina, from the show.

We do have some pretty odd moments, we’ve been known to chase each other through Asda and she likes to try to make the car dance to Christmas music.

Now, if only there was diner nearby that did really good and cheap food, it would be perfect.


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