Laura Stevenson And The Cans

The other night I went to a gig at the Joiners in Southampton. It was pretty good, although the less said about the support bands the better.

The Joiners is one of those intimate venues where you can get really close to the band and they have no choice but to walk through the crowd when they want to get on or off the stage. It’s also quite a good place for seeing the next big breakthrough act before they actually break through.

Coldplay played there, Kasabian played there, anybody who became anybody has at some point graced the Joiners. And the band I went to see could very well be one of these success stories.

Laura Stevenson And The Cans are from New York and have been doing quite a bit of touring lately. The night before they came to Southampton they were in Germany and the night after they were in Cardiff.

I only heard of them for the first time just over a month ago. Sit Resist is their second album but the first one I heard and as soon as it reached Master Of Art (only the second track) I decided that I quite liked them.

At the gig they never really dominated the stage but still, in a subtle sort of way, they made it clear it was theirs, even if it was just for the night. There was a bit of talking between songs but never too much. However it was enough to decide that Laura Stevenson herself was actually a bit quirky, of course this just made her even cooler.

As soon as they started the first song it was clear their set was going to be enjoyable and they, quite thankfully, made the support bands forgettable.

Laura Stevenson’s voice has all the potential to become cloying and just sickly sweet but somehow she never manges it, she keeps it calm and enjoyable and in fact she has remarkable control over it.  

The set list was brilliant, it was sprinkled with a few of their sadder songs but bolstered by some happier ones. They enjoyed being on the stage despite how tired they obviously were. And all of them are pretty talented people.

Master Of Art was one of the night’s favourites and so was I See Dark which was the track they ended on.

And, you know, if none of this is swaying you to check them out….they have an accordion. Which is always cool, right?

Anyway, the gist is they were pretty awesome. If they ever play locally again I’m definitely going to see them. And if you want to check them out here’s Master Of Art.


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