Entering The Big Wide World

At some point this week I will be given my timetable for my next year at university, for my last year.

There’s so much to study but according to rumour such little time to study it in. Not only do I have two options and a handful of core subjects but also my major project, and apparently we will be required to spend all of six hours a week listening to lectures and attending seminars.

And that’s pretty scary, granted the library will be a great place to spend my free time (and probably sensible too), but these six hours a week for a good few months are the only thing that stand between me and the real world.

I’ve always been cocooned by education but after graduation (which itself is pretty intimidating) I’ll need a job, a proper job at a proper magazine with proper journalists.

But given the current climate everything is difficult, the magazine industry is pretty much threatened by the internet, so like everywhere else it’s going to be hard to get into.

The other problem is that all the magazines are up in London and I can’t afford to commute or live there, which is the same thing getting in the way of work experience. But then if I don’t find a way to get there I might nit be able to get a decent paying job.

With all the complaining aside though, it’s kind of exciting too. I love uni, I really enjoy everything (apart from law) and while the work we’re given is challenging it’s also kind of fun.

Even though I’m terrible when meeting and talking to people (seriously I’m going to be the best journalist ever) I enjoy interviews once they’re up and running.

Finally entering the big wide world is going to be one heck of a scary experience but hopefully rewarding. I hope that somehow something will work out, but I’m not naive enough to think it’ll just fall into my lap. So I think that alongside all those seminars and lectures, work experience is a necessity. 

I just hope that everything works out, not just for me, but for the others who will be graduating next year.


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