Harry Potter And The Most Highly Anticipated Email

So…I’ve spoken a lot about Harry Potter, even wrote something about waiting for my Pottermore email.

Well, Saturday afternoon (while I was watching Neverending Story and eating Malteasers. Yes I will forever remember the moment) I got it. I finally got it! If I was tech-savvy I would put a print screen of the email here.

Now, as a massive Potter fan it means a lot to get the opportunity to be sorted using J.K Rowling’s method and getting my wand as well.

It has been a long wait. A little too long. And I’m so glad it’s here!

I won’t post any spoilers, it’s not right to ruin it for people who have yet to get in. But I will say this, it really is a spectacular site.

Every now and then J.K Rowling will surprise you with the amount of thought she has put behind even the slightest detail. She’ll have you smiling to yourself as you find out more about everything. And when you get to Ollivander’s and the Sorting Ceremony I won’t pretend that I wasn’t a tad apprehensive.

It might all be fiction, but to a Potterhead the houses, and to a certain extent the wands, can say a lot about you and you don’t want them to say anything horrible.

My wand, I think it’s good, I think it suits me. It’s Larch with a phoenix feather core, 10 3/4 inches, surprisingly swishy. It doesn’t sound like it makes sense, but trust me, the wands are just some of the things Rowling has put a lot of thought into.

I always thought I’d be in Hufflepuff, it alway seemed to suit me most. I’m not a brave person but neither am I cunning and while I always wanted Ravenclaw I’m not exactly smart. That’s why it was much to my surprise that I was placed in it.

I am officially a Ravenclaw.

This now marks the time from which I start buying Ravenclaw merchandise. I’m proud of my house and I’m going to show it.

As for the site, it is beautiful, it is mesmerizing and it is perfect for a Potterhead who is not entirely ready for this franchise to end.

Personally I can’t wait for the other books, I can’t wait to choose my options for third year, or to maybe learn what my patronus might be. And for the first time in my life I can’t wait to take my exams, granted they’re wizarding exams and there’s no guarantee that we’ll get to sit them.

But, whatever they do I’ll be happy to read along, and I’ll always be proud to be a part of the beta period.


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