Okay….I’m Grossed Out

There are a few things that freak me out.

Snakes being one and eyes being another. Don’t ask me why they do, I just can’t stand them. Especially snakes! It might be the way they move, or flicker their tongue or the shape of their head, or their markings or just they’re entire being. Even writing about them freaks me out.

I can’t properly describe the reason I hate eyes either. All I know is if you were having a conversation with me face to face you’d have a heck of a difficult time getting me to keep eye contact.

But there’s one other thing; cannibalism. Now, I don’t expect to walk down a street a see it happening but any films or shows that feature it I tend to avoid. It just makes me feel so sick.

And unfortunately I came across an article that pretty much grossed me out.

Through their research scientists have found a way to produce gelatin from human DNA.

I don’t eat anything with gelatin in it anyway, but can you imagine picking up a box of something, reading the ingredientsĀ and there nestled amongst the vegetable oils and sugar you see ‘gelatin (human). Would you not instantly put it back on the shelf and never want to be associated with that product again?

I understand that it isn’t actually cannabalism…but it’s getting pretty close don’t you think?

So far, they’re saying that it’ll be used in drug capsules because animal based gelatin just has too many risks with it. They might be contaminated with mad-cow disease or there are just too many variables. Yet I just don’t see the idea of ingesting something that involves human DNA too appetising.

So, no, like I said before I don’t expect to walk out on the streetĀ and seeing cannibalism happen. But something quite close to it could be taking place soon.


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