Give New Music A Go

I’ve been flicking through quite a few blogs today (yeah…I’ve only just discovered tag surfer) and someone mentioned in a post of theirs that they find it a shame people haven’t really heard of bands from different countries.

Now, until recently my iPod was full of music from Germany, Holland, Finland and Italy. British and American music rarely had a say.

From Germany there’s Rammstein and Leave’s Eyes. Finland produced Nightwish and their former vocalist Tarja Turunen. Italy is the homeland of Lacuna Coil and Holland gave us the one and only Within Temptation.

I’m glad to have unearthed these deposits of musical brilliance and I wish more people would do so. Not specifically these bands, but if you call yourself a music fan I think you owe it to yourself to push your boundaries and try something new from somewhere different.

If it’s the language barrier that might put you off most of the artists I mentioned above sing in English, although in my opinion their best tend to be the tracks in their native language.

Here’s a little overview of each of them:

Rammstein are from Germany and sing mostly in German but that does not take away from their songs in the slightest. In fact I think their cover of Barbie Girl is more entertaining because of it. They’re for proper rock fans, I’d say. They’re songs can be hard, fast and relentless. Check out Benzin.

Leave’ s Eyes, also from Germany and Norway, I guess you can say are almost the opposite of Rammstein. Liv Kristine is the vocalist and she brings a gentle side to the metal band but at the same time she has a sharp edge to her voice.  The guitars and drums are often just as melodic as the vocals and they all work seamlessly together. For a song in their native language check out Ankomst but if you want a song in English I highly suggest New Found Land.

Nightwish are definitely the best band to come out of Finland, Yes Him did too and so did Apocolyptica but neither of them could quite muster the same unique charm that Nightwish come to so easily. I often think of them as a symphonic power metal band…I don’t know if that’s quite right though. They have a new album coming out this year and I can’t wait for it. For a song in English give Nemo a listen (I’ve been known to start the song again just to listen to the piano introduction) and if you want here’s a song in Finnish; Kuolema Tekee Taitelijan.

As I mentioned before Tarja used to be the vocalist for Nightwish, but she had a rather public dismissal and I’m not exactly sure things have been good between them since. There’s no denying the power of her voice though. I prefer her 2007 album My Winter Storm over her latest release What Lies Beneath. I don’t listen to her that much so I don’t actually know if she’s recorded a song in Finnish but she’s done a pretty good cover of  Alice Cooper’s Poison.

Now these last two bands are amongst my favourites (so is Nightwish actually). Lacuna Coil are amazing. They lean more towards the rock side of things as opposed to metal. There’s a great balance between the stunning voice of Cristina Scabbia and the gruff vocals of Andrea. They’ve done an amazing cover of Depeche Mode’s Enjoy The Silence but it is by no means their best song. Senzafine is excellent, beautifully sung and I doubt it would sound as good if it were in English.

Last but not least is Within Temptation, Holland’s finest. I’m off to see them for the second time in November and I can’t wait, they always put on an excellent show. They can’t afford not to, with the phenomenal vocals that Sharon Den Adel blasts out. This band is symphonic metal at its best and there’s also a fantasy quality to their earlier music. I don’t think they’ve recorded a song in Dutch and they’ve got so many good songs to choose from so I’ll just link you to the first song of their’s I heard; Angels.

This is a link to the blog I found earlier:


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