Grabbing Opportunities With Both Hands.

Jessie J, the winner of the Critic’ s Choice award at the  BRITs earlier this year, has not had an easy life.

The Do It Like A Dude singer might be an acquired taste but there is no denying that she deserves the attention she is receiving.

When she was 11 it was discovered that she had an irregular heartbeat and then at the age of 18 she suffered a minor stroke. Almost from the offset Jessie J hasn’t had an easy life.

But all the while, despite her health problems her sights have been set firmly upon a musical career. She’s always stated that singing was her thing. At school she was in a choir, unfortunately she was kicked out for being too loud.

This didn’t stop her, a few years later she joined a group called Soul Deep. It was soon after this that she suffered a stroke. And because of this and her heart problem she is sensible with her health. She doesn’t drink, she doesn’t smoke all because she knows she needs to look after her body.

However, this attitude hasn’t stopped her from the occasional accident. In June she slipped off a stage and broke her ankle. she had an operation to mend it but none of the bone left in the ankle is hers, it had to be replaced.

But do you know what? She still managed to perform at Glastonbury, granted she had to cancel a couple of other dates but she still went out there and did her best.

She is an amazing role model to have in the music industry. Not only because she hasn’t succumbed to the lifestyle that often comes with it but because she has worked so hard to get what she wants.

She’s suffered from ill-health for a lot of her life but that has never once stopped her in gunning for her dream and she’s achieved it, she’s already a top choice for critics she’s already released a couple of hits and is a festival favourite.

She grabbed a hold of her opportunity and never let it go no matter what happened. This is a determination that everybody should have. Instead of doing it like a dude, I think that perhaps people should have a go at doing it like Jessie J.


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