A Newly Conceived Problem

Okay, this is my first post as part of the Post A day 2011 challenge. I’ll be honest, I have no idea if I’m doing it right but here goes.

The credit for this goes to H.E. Ellis who pointed me in the direction of this story.

Apparently in the U.S. some states are seriously considering putting a limit on the amount of children a sperm donor can father.

The reason for this? Well, with the increased amount of children born though artificial insemination quite a few are bound to have been conceived using samples from the same donor.

This also means that, without knowing about it, these few are related to one another.

Now I remember an episode of Casualty, from years ago, and there was this nurse who had fallen in love with this intern. However her mother wasn’t too keen on the relationship and tried everything to stop it.

It seems like a bit of a harsh thing to do, but it really was in her daughter’s best interest. For you see the intern just so happened to be the nurse’s half-brother.  There was a similar storyline in Shameless too.

Yes it’s a typical story you’d find in a soap opera but it’s actually becoming a proper concern now. It’s one of the reasons why some states in America are considering introducing a limit.

Between 30,000 and 60,000 children who are conceived using sperm donors are born every year and the likelihood that these half-siblings who don’t know of each other might one enter a relationship with each other is growing ever higher.

This also raises another question. Are our steps with technology towards our future actually sending us backwards?


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