Laura Marling

I’m really into music, one of the most exciting things I get through the post is an envelope full of CDs to review for Call Upon The Author.

There’s nothing better than listening to a CD for the first time and absolutely falling in love with it. One of the releases I’m most looking forward to this year is Laura Marling’s third studio album A Creature I don’t Know.

It is set to be released on September 12 and I just can’t wait to get it and listen to each track. My excitement is only enhanced by the fact that she’s the artist responsible for my favourite ever song The Captain And The Hourglass. It’s somewhat ridiculous how many times I’ve listened to that track.

This morning I got up and made my routine check on the computer (you know, Facebook, one set of emails, Leaky Cauldron, Facebook, another set of emails, my personal Twitter account, the blog’s Twitter account, Facebook) all with the Gilmore Girls on in the background (I’m kind of slightly addicted to that programme).

During one of my checks on Facebook the Laura Marling page posted a link to a website that’s streaming the album online before the release in a few days.

And I’m torn.

I really really want to hear it. But what if I don’t like it? That means I won’t buy it and I want to buy it so I can support Marling. But then if I don’t listen to it and I buy it and it’s rubbish I’ve wasted my money.

I’m fairly certain that it’s going to be amazing. I mean, her first two albums are almost flawless, she’s such a brilliant song-writer, singer and guitarist. But can she really make it a hat-trick?

Man, I hope so. She’s got a tour happening in October and most of it seems to be taking place in cathedrals. I’ve already bought my ticket to go and see her in Winchester and I expect she’ll be playing quite a few songs from her third album, so I’ve already put my faith in the upcoming release.

Plus it has to be good because I’m dragging my boyfriend along to the gig and it would be nice if he came away as a kind of fan, at least.

But there’s one other thing about listening to the album stream online. It feels wrong. There are only seven days left until the actual thing comes out…and then I can look longingly at it every time I go into a music shop until I get paid in October.

There’s a good chance I’ll give into the temptation, I’ve already clicked play on the first song and quickly paused it again before I could get too far.  

I am looking forward to this album and even more than that I can’t wait to see her in a month and ten days! 🙂


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