Small Towns Are Often Boring.

I live in a town called Gosport…well technically it’s a peninsula. The best way to get to Portsmouth is to catch the ferry across the harbour, it’s a common sight to see naval ships and if you go down to the beach you’ll be greeted by a view of the Isle of Wight on the horizon. 

A bit off topic here, but did you know that Wight, in old-english (or something similar), means ‘man’? So we technically have two Isle of Mans in Britain. Just a bit of useless trivia for you.

Anyway, my point is Gosport isn’t very exciting. Anything slightly unusual (like the ferry) we take for granted because it’s pretty much a part of everyday life.

The beach is slightly dampened by the fact that it’s all pebbly instead of sandy (you grow accustomed to it though).

In fact the most exciting thing that’s happened here lately is the opening of a KFC. Yeah, we didn’t even have one of those until like three weeks ago. Honestly, with the buzz that was going around with its imminent arrival you’d think royalty was about to turn up or something.

I mean, Gosport isn’t all that bad, we have an annual festival, our MP is pretty decent and not just because she gave me an interview for university once and I guess it’s quite a peaceful place to be.

But the latest rumour going around is that Wickham Laboratories is coming to town. This, of course, has caused some controversy since they test stuff on animals.

They have a licence so at least we know it’s not for cosmetic purposes but it’s still something I hate. I just don’t get the point of testing on animals when they’re different from us.

I know some of the animals have like a 90 something percent match but that’s still no guarantee.

My mum would disagree with me though. She’s asthmatic which means she’s dependant on her inhalers which were probably tested on animals, and they keep her healthy.

There’s also the fact that I was born six weeks premature and the drug that helped keep me alive had only just been developed and was also, more likely than not, tested on animals.

I can’t deny that we need these medicines and I’m not going to begrudge my mum for using something that’s keeping her well, I’d certainly prefer that she was than an animal.

But I can’t help but feel there has to be a better way to test these things. It might be to improve the lives of the Human Race, but there has to be a way to do this without making anything else suffer.

In regards to Wickham Laboratories, there was a protest yesterday and there will probably be a few more to come. So maybe, for a little while, Gosport won’t be its usually dull self.


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